The Tractor Factor
Big Wheels for Big Dreams

Help African Blessings maintain a safe environment at Jochebed Children’s Village by assisting us in securing an agricultural-use tractor and slasher!

Our team is always looking for ways to improve: the quality of life on the Farm, the safe environment we provide, and the projects we implement to better everyone’s lives in the community. It is for these reasons that we are in need of a new agricultural-use tractor and slasher.

This tractor and slasher will be used to better maintain the: large lawns, sports fields for the children, as well as general spaces on the Farm.

This process is currently managed using domestic equipment, meaning our staff are spending hours of valuable time trimming and cutting the grass, which could better be spent attending to other focus areas.

This tractor will be greatly appreciated and will help us in minimising hazardous wildfires, as well as provide clear, marked paths and neat fields for our 96 kings to enjoy the great outdoors and sunshine!

The Tractor Factor

The Tractor Factor

No matter how small, every cent counts! Simply donate to:

Account Name: African Blessings
Bank: First National Bank
Branch Code: 250655
Account Number: 62065437355
Reference: The Tractor Factor

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