African Blessings Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre was established in 2010 at the African Blessings farm as part of the first steps to achieving our vision of the Jochebed Children’s Village. The aim of our wonderful Early Learning Centre is to raise strong, confident future leaders. At African Blessings we recognise the importance of education, especially in South Africa and we strive to provide each child with the best possible learning, development and wellbeing foundation to equip them with the skills and support they need to reach their full potential. We believe that all children have the right to a quality, holistic education.

The Early Learning Centre was established to offer pre-school children, between the ages of 0 and 6 years old, the strongest possible foundation during these crucial formative years. We follow a Christian-based school curriculum - ACSI - which provides for a biblical foundation. We believe that through instilling the correct principles and building these strong foundations we are equipping our children to make a difference in our country, on every level of life.

We currently have 20 children at the Early Learning Centre that come from the communities in the surrounding areas. The children are thriving as a result of the excellent education and care which they receive.

The wonderful teachers Michelle, Lenah and Nomsa are responsible for investing a great deal of time, effort and love into each and every child that passes through the Learning Centre’s doors. It really is fantastic to see how passionate and motivated the teachers are and the outcomes are clearly seen in the children.

Our children are also provided with nutritious meals at school, prepared by the much-loved “Gogo” Lettie. We make sure that the children eat a healthy and well-balanced meal, making use of the fresh vegetables from the farm, as part of their daily diet.

We are incredibly passionate about caring for the precious children entrusted to our care and we hope to continue making an impact in their lives; as well as to be able to extend the reach of these outcomes even further.

African Blessings Early Learning Centre

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