Jochebed Children's Village

Jochebed Children's Village – the heart of African Blessings, and the vision upon which our charity organisation was founded.

This incredible vision came from Mr Ian Wilcocks, our Uni-Vision CEO, who had the idea of creating a village that would provide a home and caregivers for at-risk-children, provide for their safety and protection; and - while receiving an excellent education - the support and upliftment they would need to reach their full potential. Our journey to create a fully functioning children's village is underway, and we are so excited to witness the realisation of this vision, as each step it taken.

The Jochebed Children's Village, unlike a traditional "orphanage", is a village consisting of 16 houses that have been built on the beautiful African Blessings farm and will provide a permanent home to 96 abused, abandoned, orphaned or neglected children. The children residing here will be provided with a safe, stable and happy childhood home in which they can blossom to become the individuals they are destined to be.

Each home will comprise of a devoted house mother who will take care of 6 children in the given house, ensuring that they all receive the love, attention, care and support that they so deserve. We hope to create a safe and loving family environment where the individual children can flourish.

The children will each have the opportunity to receive a well-rounded and balanced upbringing, receiving pre-school education at our very own Early Learning Centre, access to sports facilities and the privilege of being blessed with many farm animals and pets to call their own.

We wish to provide the children with a holistic environment that will contribute to their growth both developmentally and psychologically. We will take care of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each and every child that lives at African Blessings.

We would like each child to have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the farm, from its rolling hills, to the wetlands and forest areas, giving them the space and freedom to learn, laugh and play.

As the African Proverb goes "It takes a village to raise a child", it certainly rings true and we believe that the entire African Blessings farm community and all living here are responsible for shaping and positively influencing the lives of the children that live there; educating and raising them to be leaders.

Our dream of the Jochebed Children's Village is already in motion and we are continuing to grow as and when resources are made available to us. Each stage is an exciting one, as it means we are one step closer to achieving the goal. To date we have built the 16 homes, as well as the Early Learning Centre classrooms, which are already occupied and being used to educate children from the community.

We are on the road to making and creating homes for the precious children we will assist in the years to come – nurturing and growing each and every precious soul entrusted to us.

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