Horses and Donkeys

The Equine Rescue Centre, established in 2010, is a principle and substantially important establishment at the African Blessings farm.

It all started with African Blessings coming into contact with severely abused, abandoned and mistreated horses and donkeys in the various communities they serve. The outreach team witnessed just how many horses and donkeys were in compromising situations, with their spirits – and sometimes their bodies - broken and in dire need of love and care. This heartache sparked the desire to provide a safe-haven for horses and donkeys in need, which led to the building of the paddocks and stables at the beautiful African Blessings farm, that our horses and donkeys now call home.

The original five horses: Amber, Jade, Jasper, Topaz and Kitty were all rescued from heart breaking situations. Some of them came from Onderstepoort Biological Products after being used as test horses in the development of the African Horse Sickness (AHS) Vaccine.

After a lengthy and hard-fought campaign, the discarded horses were rescued and brought to their new home at African Blessings. Relief washed over all involved, as the young, frightened horses finally arrived at the farm to settle into their forever home.

So began the journey of building a relationship of trust and love with these, and the other horses, that have joined our herd along the way. Many of our horses were abused, misused, fearful animals. But with much love, patience and kindness, these beautiful animals have allowed the African Blessings team into their hearts. This care, coupled with the idyllic environment of the African Blessings farm, has provided each horse the chance to recuperate and live out their lives in peace and surrounded by love.

African Blessings also has a herd of gorgeous and beloved donkeys, most of whom were removed from dire situations where they were harmed and abused, sometimes almost to the point of death. African Blessings has made sure that they, like the horses, are nurtured with love; and have a wonderful home where they can spend the rest of their lives and receive the care that they deserve. Our Missions Director, Rita Edkins, has a special place in her heart for her "Zonkeys", giving them each a special name starting with "Z". From Zara, Zillah, Zelda and Zack, to S(z)weetie, Zollie and Zerah. The donkeys are given so much attention and are often bragged about by Rita herself. It's hard to comprehend how anyone could harm these gentle, loving souls.

African Blessings, as with all the animals that they rescue, keeps these horses and donkeys safe and sound and will go to great lengths to ensure their happiness.

African Blessings Horses and Donkeys
African Blessings Horses and Donkeys

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