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At African Blessings we are truly passionate about taking care of animals in need. We feel that each and every animal deserves love, care and the right to be protected. Working closely with the Tshwane SPCA, we help to rehabilitate stray dogs, cats or livestock from poor and abusive conditions within the area.

Twice a month the team goes into Rethabiseng and offers a mobile pet and animal care service to community member's animals. The community gathers and waits patiently for their turn for their dogs and cats to receive their checks. In severe cases where the pets require medical attention, our team collects the pet and cares for it on the African Blessings farm until such a point where the animal is once again healthy and can return to its family.

Our skilful team provides basic medical treatment; dipping, de-worming, sterilization and feeding animals. Educational programmes on how to care for domestic animals and assistance in the form of food, bowls and blankets are given. These basic services mean that the pets in the Rethabiseng area remain well groomed, cared for and fed.

Many pet owners love and want to care for their best friends but do not have the means to do so. A bond between man and animal is something special and needs to be nurtured; this is where Community Critter Care comes in and offers assistance. We are hoping to expand into more communities in the future and offer our practical services to them.

"No matter how little money or how few possessions you have, owning a pet makes you rich."

We invite you to become involved by either donating necessities or joining us in our expeditions to help the local community's animals.

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