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A dove’s song

A dove’s song

The very clever people will be able to inform us that the Hebrew word “Yada” means, ‘to know’ or ‘knowledge’ in the English language. We will also learn from them that this Hebrew word “Yada” has a much broader meaning than just purely knowledge, which is mostly in the mind. Words like: to recognise; to experience; to believe; to learn; to understand or to perceive are verbal communications that open up a whole new dimension. Intellectual knowledge of God is so cold and so abstract and limited. If I look over this list of possible words that would best describe my knowledge of God, it would be to experience. My question is this: Do you yada God?

Early in the morning, in the evening, at night or during the day; I hear the song of a dove. The song of a dove always brings a smile to my face. It really is a very specific and very distinctive call. The sweet song of a dove is dear to me because it reminds me at all times, day or night, that God is ever-present. The Holy Spirit brings at once to my remembrance that He is love and peace. Doves teach me that they are unusual in these days of falsehood, selfishness and greed. Doves are known for their loyalty and fruitfulness. They are considered to mate for life and they are diligent and self-sacrificing in raising their young ones. Their care and dedication towards their offspring is beyond measure. I want such qualities in my relationship with my Lord.

Early in the morning, in the evening at night, and during the day, I hear the song of a dove.

Doves in the Bible are symbolic of God’s presence. They are mentioned frequently in the Bible. Noah released a dove in Genesis chapter eight. The ‘moaning’ dove is mentioned in the book of Isaiah chapter 38 as well as chapter 59. Ezekiel also mentions this ‘moaning’ of a dove in chapter seven. The power of a dove’s flight is noted in Psalm 55. Jeremiah tells us about the nesting habits of doves in chapter 48. A favourite mention of a dove is in the Song of Songs in chapters 2, 5, and 6. Our Saviour calls them harmless in Matthew chapter 10 verse 16. The eye of the dove is highly focused, as it concentrates or focuses on only one object at a time. In Song of Songs chapter 4 verse 1 we read that the eyes of the Shulamite girl are as those of a dove. Where are your eyes focused? I know where His eye is focused- on you! He never takes His eyes off you. Look up and see the Lover of your soul.

Doves in the Bible are symbolic of God’s presence.

At the River Jordan, all four of the Gospels mention that the Holy Spirit of God Almighty descended upon Jesus like a dove, as He was baptised by His cousin John. Hosea likens them as silly in chapter 7 verse 11 – reminding us how absurd and foolhardy it is when we flee from God. The song of the dove is beautiful music to my ears. I mention the dove in the hope that when you become tired, weary and worn-out, the song of the dove will be a heaven-sent reminder of the manifest presence of God. Reminding us that His presence can be obvious to you. That His presence will be noticeable and unmistakable. That you will yearn for and long to dwell in His presence. Why? He brings healing and restoration and refreshment and hope and courage and wisdom and strength and peace.

In times of out-and-out victory and joyous top moments, He is there to laugh, enjoy, have fun, rejoice and take pleasure in your experiences. He is God; ever-present in every season and in every circumstance. The dove is not seasonal. God is not seasonal either, He is just ever-present. Grow in your intimacy with Him. Get to know Him; with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength. Lingering beneath the willow tree and hearing the song of the dove, I drink deeply of His presence. I remember the words of Hosea in chapter 6 verse 3:

“Oh, that we might know the Lord! Let us press on to know Him, and He will respond to us as surely as the coming dawn or the rain of early spring.”

when we know that we are loved it brings a positive influence into absolutely every area of our lives. It also brings influence over behaviour.

Reluctantly walking away, I know that I have just attended a conference. Jesus Christ the host, I the attendee, and I consider myself truly favoured and immensely blessed. I know that I am known and understood and heard by Him, to the minutest detail. I have received from Him all that I needed to receive. I wonder: “Why is it that we run here and there and seek all manner of resources at great cost, when what we need is His presence? It is in that place that we can pour out our hearts, where we can inquire of the Lord for a truthful answer, there we can petition boldly, honestly and openly!”

I understand many things now and I know that I, in return, am understood. I know that the safest place is with Him – from now until eternity. Now is exactly the right time.

“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.” – Aristotle

Written by:
Rita Edkins
African Blessings Missions Director