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A Donkey Party on the Farm

There was a donkey caucus on the 16th of April here at our Community Critter Care sanctuary. It was Zara’s birthday! She pointed her best ear right at me and made me promise not to give away her age. As her name means princess, I decided to honour her request!

So, what was the ‘caucus’ all about? Well, to be honest, it was about you. You see, we have been missing some of you; yes, really! There aren’t any Jochebed Learning Centre children or teachers visiting and we miss their happy chatter and giggles. There are no gardeners walking past with their wheelbarrows and tools! So we ended up wondering, have we been forgotten? Have we offended them in any way?

To be honest we got rid of that idea immediately! Us? Donkeys? No, never do we offend! So we went over to the pigs who live right next door to ask them if they knew what was going on with so few humans around! It turns out that they were not affected by the recent swine flu, but they seem to know quite a lot about the different cases of flu and other harmful diseases. They informed us that there was a harmful virus that posed a serious threat to all of the humans right now. After hearing that, we took a few steps back and just stared at the pigs in utter shock! Zillah was worried and immediately questioned: “how will the humans overcome this?” The pigs informed us that the president of the humans had called for lockdown and they had to stay home to help decrease the spread of the virus! The president really cares for his human citizens and their well-being.

They informed us that there was a killer virus posing a serious threat to all of the humans right now.

Well, this is terrible news! Our humans don’t deserve to get sick, they are such great folks! We immediately raised our heads collectively to give a loud chorus of braying. We bray quite a lot, but this was different – this time it was in tribute to our human community! Well, the other lot of animals soon commanded us to be quiet, but we explained that our brays were on behalf of our human community and it had to be heard loud and clear in the heavens. With that done, we continued our caucus. All of these events resulted in us wanting to share a few important updates with you. There are a few things we want you to know! So listen, well rather, read up!

We want you all to know that we are being well taken care of on the Farm, even though the humans are so few. Our stables and paddocks are clean; our hay is fresh and we eat our fill and our water troughs are scrubbed and filled each and every day. We can’t believe how blessed we are to have a home here at African Blessings. All the critters here are being cared for by our human community and guess what!? Even those critters who live outside our borders are being cared for in the best possible way. Although all of this is not always shared or seen on television or social media, our care-givers quietly go about doing what they can so that suffering is at least dented. We wanted you to know that this is what makes us so unique here on our Farm. These few humans don’t just care for us and masses of caged critters, they also care for critters and their human communities, as well!

they care for critters and their human communities as well!! Think about that.

While we are on the subject of caring, we also wanted you to know that there are so many critter orphans who need care, too. In fact, five of them live next door to us. They were found abandoned and our human community took them in and they are oh, so nice. From our observation, we have concluded that their pedigree – absolutely cute!  They are friendly, and they are growing fast! We know that they need a human home where they can be nurtured and loved! They will bring so much joy and fun to a warm home!

So, humans, we bray for you daily and we trust that you will remain strong and healthy and happy like us!

This letter comes to you from all of us donkeys here on the Farm and was worded by our ‘longest at our sanctuary’ donkey!

So, blessings form Zelda and the crew!

So, blessings form Zelda.

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Written by:
Rita Edkins
African Blessings Missions Director