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When Love Comes Down

When Love Comes Down

December – the twelfth month of the year. Is it really December already? Where did the year go? 2019 a year of hardship, struggle, doors slammed shut in my face, is coming to an end. I thanked God that African Blessings is still standing and rejoice in what was overcome. The memory brought reminders of death threats, hatred, deliberate fires to destroy and kill, false accusations, finger pointing, promises broken, lack and much more. I turned my back on those and looked into the clouded heavens and smiled as the rain tumbled across my face. Through it all, we are still standing, united in the vision to do well and to hold very tightly to our Faith and our Saviour. He brought us through and the progress is evident. Boipelo brought wonderful moment’s home in her 2019 newsletter. Thank you! Many happy moments.

December. What makes this month so special? I have just completed reading a study undertaken by a caring soul in the United Kingdom and it gave me “VOOMAH” for moving forward. The author was concerned at the ever increasing juvenile delinquency everywhere. The bottom line result of the study was simple yet very pertinent! His study of thousands of souls in trouble was to me so profoundly significant. The greatest matter lacking in these young souls (as well as the not so young souls), was the sense of not being loved. You see, when we know that we are loved it brings a positive influence into absolutely every area of our lives. It also brings influence over behaviour.

when we know that we are loved it brings a positive influence into absolutely every area of our lives. It also brings influence over behaviour.

While there are voices and agendas everywhere to silence this joyous occasion, I choose to rejoice in the truth Christmas brings: peace on earth and goodwill towards humankind. God is with us. ‘There is no peace’ the naysayers bleat – but I beg to differ. In the midst of hatred, in the midst of evil, in the midst of conflict and in the midst of bullying I have peace. Peace with God and peace toward humankind. Peace with my family. I refuse to hate. The persecuted church testifies to this. This is how they survive in the most unfriendly, poverty – stricken and inhumane situations which include slavery! They know that they are loved. As I reflect on walking the dusty roads in a North African cave – a dwelling, shunned and persecuted Christian Environment, I saw what they wrote for all to see: “We know that we are loved by Almighty God” written next to the words was a Cross. They refuse to hide their love for Christ and His love for them. This forever changed my life.

December is the month of Christmas!

The year is ending. The circumstances are not always easy. But it is the knowing that I am loved by God which brings such security to my soul. His love which is boundless will always carry us through. I hope, pray and trust that every single reader will embrace this strength and this courage – giving truth fully.Next week I will be visiting Pumula. An ‘out in the country’ home for old folk. The Season for Seniors annual campaign this year was not driven. It should not have to be. We thank Delia and her team for the box of goodies. These souls will know practically that they are loved and not forgotten. Any other givers to this cause – I thank you. It speaks volumes words cannot speak. It came spontaneously!

Have a very merry Christmas. Be secure in the knowledge that you are loved and respond to the lover of your soul.

Have a very merry Christmas

Written by:
Rita Edkins
African Blessings Missions Director