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Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens

October is a very, very special month! Nature comes to life after the winter season, trees are lush and green, crops emerge from the soil and we hope for generous rain. But that is not the most meaningful reason. The most note-worthy reason that makes October so momentous is that we are reminded to love, bless, enjoy and appreciate a very large group of people who are for the most part considered to be a nuisance, too slow, not technologically advantaged enough and not of any value. A very large group of fruitful, energetic, valuable, wise, no-nonsense, faithful and loyal people. Some are in this group and have had life throw them a cruel curve-ball and so it has become desirable to push them away, put them somewhere to live out their final years and not to bother society.

The group? It is us – the Senior Citizens. Those who have served diligently for many years in their families, in their communities, in their work places and on the land. Oh you have no idea what a valuable resource we are and could be if given the chance. We are seldom absent from responsibilities, we care for others and we still have huge contributions to make. We seldom stomp about and demand our rights! We can step in and help, guide, advise and bring fresh energy. We like to know we have a purpose and that we can contribute. We want to.

In shopping malls, banks, queues and on the road we get pushed around and bullied.

In shopping malls, banks, queues and on the road we get pushed around and bullied. The arrogant and the self-righteous youth with very few manners, if any at all, think they are ever so entitled to be in front and drive fast and furious! Oh what a hoot! Get a life you younger generation. There is a new group on the block. The golden oldies, the silver-haired, the helpful and polite. We will not be pushed around or put up with your arrogance and entitlement, no matter how big your vehicle or your house or your desk or your office or your debt! Tee-hee – we hold the secret of abundant life. Stop and learn. Be steadfast in observing: we will greet the person serving us. We will wish them a good day. We will carefully put our cards and cash back into our purses. We will adhere to the speed limit. We will stick in our lane. We will ignore your haste and impatient huffing and puffing and sighing because we conduct our business transactions at a calm pace. We will expect you to be polite and have manners. We will expect you to wait for oldies in walkers or with walking sticks or who endure pain. Don’t like it? Get over it. We’re here to enjoy our days. We hold the secret of success. It is locked away into a ten-letter word. S-I-M-P-L-I-C-T-Y. Try it. You will be so much happier and fulfilled.

We laugh a lot. Mostly at ourselves.

We laugh a lot. Mostly at ourselves. We forget and we finish what we started – even if it took an extra fifteen minutes. We sometimes confuse our numbers and mistake our mobile phones with our remote controls. But we have life, we will live it and you always in a hurry and bullying and impatient lot need to take a step back and grow up less selfishly and less self- righteously. We could be of great value to you. This is why we love dogs and cats. They love us wrinkles and all. We don’t have to scurry about and think we are important because we are excessively busy! Oh what a waste. Diligence and simplicity = success. Hmmm… on that note. What is success to you? True success is not what you get and accumulate! It is what you give and sow. That is success.

To all my beautiful senior citizens who share grey-haired lives. Here is a lovely quote : “A person is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” Unfortunately I do not know the source. But here is a saying that I do know the source of: “The glory of young men is their strength; the splendour of old men is their grey head.” Source: God Almighty! Proverbs 20 verse 29.

Senior Citizen – that is who you are. Splendid! Secret to us co-existing? Respect!

Senior Citizen - that is who you are. Splendid!

Get involved! We are collecting items for our Golden Oldies to make their festive season extra special. For more information on our Season for Seniors initiative, please contact

Written by:
Rita Edkins
African Blessings Missions Director