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The Tractor Factor

Tractor Factor

Our latest campaign is off to the races!

The Tractor Factor was launched early in 2019 with the aim of raising enough funding to purchase an agricultural tractor and slasher.

In our efforts to meet our goal, a number of partners have already stepped forward to help, and we would like to introduce their campaigns!


Children walking through a field


Wait, what is this again?

The Tractor Factor is African Blessings latest fundraising initiative. Currently, the grassy parks and fields at the Rustfontein Farm are being maintained and trimmed using a commercial lawn-mower; this is great for the average-sized household but quite the task for a Farm! An agricultural tractor and slasher will help us to better maintain the: large lawns, sports fields for the children, as well as general spaces on the Farm; and assist us with our Food Garden farming.


Why is it important to keep these areas well maintained?

  1. Long dry grass is a severe fire hazard during the dry winter months.
  2. Tiny tots, and curious critters, walking through the long grass cannot see where they are planting their feet; this could mean they end up hurt.
  3. Mosquitos, ticks and fleas make their home in the long grass and pose a threat to our children and animals.
  4. It is easier to keep an area clean from animal faeces, and other contaminants, if the grass is neat and short.
  5. Mushrooms love growing in the dark, moist undergrowth of grass and use it as shelter; many of these mushies are actually poisonous to sentient beings!


How can I contribute or get involved with this campaign?

There are a number of ways that you can help us reach our goal!

The most simple way would be to donate directly to our non-profit account:

Tractor Factor banking details


Many incredible companies support African Blessings and these are some of the amazing campaigns they are running to support the Tractor Factor initiative. If you’re a member, guest or client make sure to look out and support these campaigns…

Looking for a great holiday deal that will also benefit our non-profit, AND  you’re a timeshare owner with QVC, ACI, LVC, MDC or LPA? You can book a fantastic holiday deal with a portion of the sale being donated to Tractor Factor. Simply click on your club for more info.

Another great way to enjoy a holiday escape and donate to our cause is to visit one of these Resorts:

  • Mount Amanzi; pop into Mount “Amazing” for a well-deserved break, and, while enjoying your stay, pay R10 to take a family photo with their tractor! These R10s are collected and deposited to Tractor Factor.
  • Uvongo River Resort; while enjoying a seaside escape, make a wish at Uvongo’s wishing well! These coins are collected and deposited to Tractor Factor.
  • Ngwenya Lodge; is hosting a raffle for Tractor Factor! Purchase a raffle ticket and your R10 entry will be donated to this cause. You can win two large pizzas from the Restaurant, every week!


No matter how small, every cent counts! Tonks, our (future) tractor, thanks to you for your contribution!