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Season for Seniors 2018 – 2019

Season for Seniors

The end of 2018 saw many of us spending precious moments with family and loved ones; delighting in precious gifts, enjoying delectable feasts and, in general, celebrating every moment of the holidays. Stores jingled merry songs, streets were adorned in twinkling lights and far-away beautiful places welcomed a host of guests for the season. However, while many of us were nibbling delicious treats, and making purchases from a gift list; others were not as fortunate.

The less fortunate sit and hope that perhaps this year their loved ones will visit them at their Care Homes; perhaps their grandchildren will sit on their laps or their children will share their stories from the year just past; sadly these elderly people have been forgotten, or purposely left behind. They cannot buy themselves the most simple of necessities and barely receive visitors.

Season for Seniors gift recipient

The African Blessings Team took notice of this and as such began the Season for Seniors Drive; a campaign focused on providing the less fortunate with gift bags filled with the following items:

  • A box of tissues
  • Body lotion
  • A bar of soap
  • Shampoo
  • A facecloth
  • A toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Packet of biscuits
  • Packet of sweets
  • A tin of condensed milk

In 2018, our supporters did not disappoint, and African Blessings received 180 gift bags, as well as extra loose items, to take forward to many Care for the Aged Homes in and around Bronkhorstspruit. We are thankful to each and every person who spared small change, or donated bags of goodies for us to make this possible!

Transporting gift bags

“I am of the opinion that every single person should experience a standing ovation at least once in their lifetime! In December of 2018, it was my privilege and my joy to give away the 180 gift bags filled with your generosity and selfless care for the ‘Season for Seniors’ campaign.

Now, if it were at all possible, I would love to gather all 180 souls who received your gifts and together we would give you, every single giver and participant, a standing ovation. It is not possible. They are scattered across the city. Some are chair-bound. Some are unable to speak. Yet others shake too much and cannot stand or walk and others are dependent on an oxygen tank. Many have not enjoyed a bath or shower or hair wash with real soap or shampoo for a very long time. The condensed milk brings a smile – every time – and is made to last for days. But all of them experienced a love that you made possible.

On behalf of them all, I give you a standing ovation of gratitude.

Thank you for bringing so much cheer to so many.

I wish you a 2019 of great strength and courage and wisdom and joy. I wish you a 2019 of happy surprises and friendship and peace.

God be with you all.

Kind regards,

Rita Edkins

African Blessings Mission Director”

A view of some of our gift bags

From the bottom of our hearts and those who received your precious, caring gifts:


Sister tallying gifts at home for the aged