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Driving Dreams

Driving Dreams

“The wheels on the bus go round and round…” Our Early Learning Centre kiddies squeal in delight at the thought of an educational excursion and when the transport arrives to collect them, they pile into the vehicle with their bright blue hats; smeared full of sunscreen. The Driving Dreams campaign was meant for exactly this; to provide a way of transporting our Jochebed children to various excursions, outings and learning opportunities, away from the farm, to expand upon the lessons learnt in the classroom; and as part of a more holistic upbringing and education. The bus is meant for this and many other community activities, including transporting those involved in our Foundations for Farming training initiatives.

This campaign started some time ago, based on an idea of what we would need to effectively initiate these excursions. This idea soon turned into a full-blown campaign and our caring followers, and trusty friends, reached in to help us bring Driving Dreams to life. We are so grateful to everyone that has been involved, played a part and been invested in turning Driving Dreams into a reality.

Front and back view of the Driving Dreams Bus

A big thank you to all those who jumped in and started the engine of our little bus so the sounds of the rumbling vehicle could be heard across the Farm; we were supported by various individuals and businesses, from far and wide. As part of this dream, a company partnered with us and donated a certain percentage of all holidays booked to our campaign! So if you are one of the people who booked a “Bonus Break with a Cause” – thank you! Your contribution influenced our Driving Dreams campaign so that we could reach our target to acquire a brand new 34-seater bus., a company dedicated to providing members with special holiday memories through providing competitive rates at holiday destinations and resorts across Africa, also lent a hand and assisted African Blessings in raising funds for the Driving Dreams campaign! Their 2017 and 2018 Mandela Day drives were centred on Driving Dreams and they handed over their proceeds – with a tremendous spirit of generosity – to help us secure a bus. These proceeds originated through members booking discounted accommodation rates, with a portion thereof being donated to Driving Dreams.

Side view of the Driving Dreams Bus

We would like to thank every individual contribution, no matter how small, for helping us Drive this Dream out of the vision and onto the roads of the Rustfontein Farm. Every cent donated towards this drive is highly appreciated and we are so blessed to have such wonderful people surrounding our projects with love.

The 34-seater bus was purchased at the start of October 2018, after a long road-trip of approximately three years of fundraising. As stated by Rita Edkins, our African Blessings Mission Director: “We are still doing cartwheels concerning the news of the bus!”

Thank you for your contribution

The children, staff members at the Farm, as well as Rita celebrated the bus’ arrival on the Farm on the 06th of December 2018 and piled into the bus to celebrate with a picnic!

It is moments like this one when ecstatic little faces peer out from under their bright blue hats at the Driving Dreams bus that put a smile on our faces and warmth in our hearts. Our African Blessings’ mission is forever growing; forever spreading kindness and joy into the world from our little home here at Rustfontein Farm. Thank you for helping us Drive our Dreams towards the future … and all through the town.