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’Tis the Season – The Season for Seniors Campaign

’Tis the Season – The Season for Seniors Campaign

Once again we reach that special time of year where festive cheer and holiday spirit fill the air and we gather our families and close friends for special celebrations and good times. Each year African Blessings hosts a drive to spread this cheer into the homes and hearts of the community’s elderly people. Many of these elderly people have been forgotten, discarded and neglected, left to spend their days alone, or in care homes, which do not always have the means or support to provide their residents with items, we see as basic necessities. ’Tis the Season – The Season for Seniors Campaign!

How does our campaign work, exactly?

Every year, the African Blessings Team partners up with Uni-Vision to collect items from the below list:

List of items to donate for this drive

These items, one of each item listed per gift, are then beautifully sealed in colourful gift bags to be handed out in the community and old age homes and other facilities, which look after elderly people in need. Although we are always grateful to receive completed gift bags, there is no obligation for you to donate all the items from the above list. We’ll make up the goodie bags and fill up any that have missing items. Whether you are willing and able to donate one or more of each item on the list, or would like to simply select a few items, or just one item from the list to donate, we’ll be delighted! If you are extremely busy and just don’t have a spare moment to get to the shops, we take EFT donations too! No amount is too big or small! And just in case you were wondering, each gift bag works out at around R150.

Banking details for the campaign

Once the campaign is complete … then, off the African Blessings Team goes, to surprise and spread smiles throughout the community as they knock on doors, enjoy a chat with a group of seniors at a home, or listen to a joyous song by a group of smiling elders who adore their gifts.

Season for Senior Drives of the Past…

2017 was an absolute success as willing individuals and helpful companies generously donated items and financial aid to make up these caring gifts. We collected, and distributed, a total of:

500 gifts collected in 2017 for seniors in need!

Take a read through a few of the heart-warming stories we gathered as our Team distributed the gifts for smiles all round.

  • While taking a stroll through the Rethabiseng Community and knocking on a few doors, we approached an elderly person with one of the gifts. This particular gift had been wrapped in a sturdy box with all the goodies neatly stacked inside. They were so excited to receive it – and thought we had given them a decorated, empty box as a gift! This senior was soon in tears as they realised what was inside (essential items to most of us) and were grateful for these every-day items, for many – a precious gift.
  • Whilst visiting Kairos Home for the Elderly and Vulnerable, the founder mentioned how often they find an old, poor person, with their bag of belongings at their door. Many of whom are shipped to the establishment by their family members, without so much as a phone call to find out if the Home can accommodate them. These seniors are poor, often forgotten and rarely receive a visitor, which is why this drive puts such a smile on their faces.
  • Our Team arrived at one of the Old Age Homes to distribute gifts amongst the elderly and to hear their stories. Each person received a parcel with basic items that they often cannot afford to purchase for themselves. The group were so elated that they sang a beautiful song for us! You can watch the video on our Facebook page here.

Elderly receiving their gifts for the festive season

And what of 2018?

We are SO looking forward to the generosity and the giving nature of our donors and contributors to this year’s drive and are hoping to reach our goal of collecting 500 gifts by the 30th November 2018!

Please consider helping us attain our goal this year by donating to our cause. Because: ’Tis the Season – The Season for Seniors Campaign!

Visiting elderly homes to distribute gifts

Drop-Off Points for Items:

Reception, Building 1, Ground Floor

Mooikloof Office Park East

Cnr. Atterbury and Jollify Main Road

Mooikloof, 0059


Unit 122, Block 7, Lombardy Business Park

c/o Cole and Graham Road

Shere, 0084

African Blessings Banking Details:

Account Name: African Blessings

Bank: FNB

Branch Code: 250655

Account Number: 62065437355

Reference: Season for Seniors

Proof of Payment (P.O.P.):

For more information, or any assistance, please contact Jodie at

Packed gifts from 2017's Season for Seniors Drive