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Reasons to Love Spring

Reasons to Love Spring

The long months of winter have very quickly turned into short-sleeve-wearing-ice-cream-eating summery days here at African Blessings. The greenery has begun awakening from slumber and the birds have returned to their roosts, singing sweet songs across the Farm and we are so looking forward to the summer! There are so many reasons to love spring, even more so this year.

To get you just as excited about the warmer weather which is gracing us, rather abruptly, read five reasons to love spring:

New Life

Across the landscape, you can see how new shoots of grass, or budding flowers, start peeking from beneath the dry earth. Fruit trees start producing honey-kissed bulbs ripe for harvesting and the silence of the icy winter is replaced with an array of music from the creatures that return to the land or come out of hiding. Not to mention the sweet foals, calves, pups, cubs, and the like who will be born to frolic and grow alongside their mothers across the country.


Snapshot Opportunities

Soft, warm light lasts longer into the evenings and an array of colours from the beautiful plant life bud into a rainbow of hues and shades in spring; and with the warmer temperatures there’s no need for layers and layers of frumpy clothing! All of which makes for great photo-taking opportunities. Photoshoots, wildlife photography, random snaps taken of a road trip of everyone dressed in their spring best – picture sundresses, brighter clothing, and funky shades –are just a few examples of the possibilities which await happy pic-snappers!


Couples photoshoot in spring


The days are longer, you feel healthier and everyone becomes more energetic! That much-needed vitamin D sure is a necessity when you think back to the cool winter months being snuggled under blankets instead of being outdoors. The sun warms the days and stretches them out so you get to do more things; visit friends, start exercising, taking the dogs for a walk mid-week.

Fresh Produce

How great is it to bite into an apple and it’s crunchy, sweet, and everything you want from a piece of fruit? To present a meal to your family where you’ve incorporated fresh herbs to up the flavour of the dish? Or, walked into your neighbourhood grocer to see the variety and colour of different vegetables on display, waiting to be picked up and purchased? Fresh produce and a wonderful variety thereof which is less expensive than in the winter months and readily available is just another great blessing of spring.

Vegetables growing in spring

The Great Outdoors

Hiking, cycling, running, walking… these are all great examples of things to do during spring and summer which you don’t even mention during the winter months without receiving some concerned expressions. Fresh air greets your lungs, the weather is just right and the amazing lush scenery to feast your eyes on, are just some of the awesomeness the great outdoors offer. And the exercise and fresh air are great stress-relievers!

The African Blessings Farm has embraced spring this year as the Foundations for Farming Food Gardens are prepped; the animals seem more energetic too – bucking around paddocks, paddling across the dams, and running to greet guests with a kind bark, grunt or neigh.

To be quite honest, there are many more reasons to love spring! What are your reasons for loving spring? please share your thoughts with us on Social Media.

Grandfather and grandson rolling on the grass