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Autumn Sky

As the Summer rains begin to cease we welcome Autumn at the African Blessings farm.

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

While strolling through the gardens at the farm, it is easy to notice how the bright, vibrant greens are slowly changing into soft yellows. Soon the greenery will ebb away and in its place, warm oranges and reds will set the property ablaze. This change in the trees is due to the pigment “anthocyanin” which helps the trees leaves become hardier against the changing temperatures so they can absorb as much sunlight and nutrients as possible. Then, once winter arrives the trees will stand bare and dormant content with their reserves until the spring ushers in new growth.

So as Autumn creeps in, in all manner of hues, allow us to jot down a few of our seasonal indulgences;

  1. Morning strolls

Autumn makes for much better outdoor trail walking than that of the blistering hot Summer months. Slip on your comfortable jacket and warm fuzzy socks and head into the wilderness. Breathe in the crisp morning air as your cheeks cool considerably and take a moment to see the beauty in the nature around you.

Standing in a pile of leaves

  1. Colour changes

Along your stroll you will start to notice that the trees are alight in warmer colours, the leaves are decorating the walkways with confetti and the cold air is dancing in swirls, rustling the dry grass. Then there’s the contrast of all that warmth against a crystal clear blue sky.

Autumn Forest

  1. “Flasked” goodies

Find a spot for you to sit a moment and absorb all the changes in the scenery around you. This is the opportune moment to pull out your flask and sip on its steaming contents. Flasks are a great accompaniment to any walk in these cooler months. Take along your freshly brewed coffee, a soothing herbal tea or even a flavourful broth or soup to fill that gap.

Autumn Flask Drinks

  1. Comfort cooking

Once you have spent some time outdoors and you get back inside to your cosy nook, those hunger pangs will awaken. Autumn opens the door to all variants of comfort cuisine, and how simple are so many of these foods? Doctor a delicious ragù to serve over freshly cooked pasta, or leave a hearty stew in the slow cooker while you take a walk and return to an aromatic home. The options are endless.

Winter Stew

  1. Stargazing

In the brisk evening, invite friends and family over to enjoy conversation around a crackling fire and stare into the night sky. Gone are the Summer days of cloudy nights and afternoon thunderstorms. Autumn brings us into the open air to gaze sleepily into the night sky and presents us with shimmering jewels and flickering gems.

Camp Fire

Our farm welcomes this transition into Autumn with arms wide open and hopes you will too.