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A Lesson Learnt on the Way to Lesotho

A Lesson Learnt on the Way to Lesotho

Rita Edkins, African Blessings’ Missions Director, shares her heart for 2018 and the lesson she learnt on the way to an outreach in Lesotho.

I looked out of my window this morning and I gave thanks that I have a window. The mission journey to Lesotho came to mind. The GPS was on and took us to Fouriesburg. No signpost could be found to direct us to the border gate though. Just then my eye caught a blue vehicle bearing a Lesotho number plate. Great idea! I would simply follow that car as it would surely take us to the closest gate. Forty minutes later, we were still going, following the blue car but not gate to cross into Lesotho. Turning around to go back to Fouriesburg, I remarked – that was a good lesson for me, never follow people – follow the truth. Fifty minutes later we were at the gate and successfully crossed the border into Lesotho and soon arrived at the Open Bible Mission Station.



In 2018, be careful who or what you follow. Plug into your GPS and remain securely firm and steadfast in your year’s journey. A map is a good idea, meaning make-a-plan. Keep it simple, write it down, refer to it regularly and don’t be misled by people, doubt or fear. Be flexible, but be single-minded. The secret is simplicity. Refuse complicated. Stay alert and should you find yourself side-tracked, get over it quickly and get back on track with a song in your heart and a smile on your face. Refuse intimidation. Welcome intimacy. Intimacy with your Lord, your family, your animals, your garden (even if it is only a pot plant!), your work, your plans… Stay focused. Refuse derailment. Refuse greed. Embrace generosity. It really is life-changing to give. Give your encouragement away. Give forgiveness. Give happiness. Give yourself a break. Give others a break. Give a drink of water. Give the environment a chance to live. Give your best.



Who will be your GPS? Will it be pressure? Will it be stress? Will it be shopping for yet more stuff? Will it be condemnation? Will it be competition? Will it be guilt? Think on this and make a plan – draw your map for the year. Surely, you are too old for peer pressure! Decline stress! There is now no condemnation to those …! Guilt is a choice to reject! Work through your failures and drop them like a hot potato.



Enjoy your successes and remain humble. I made up my mind about my 2018 GPS. God’s Powerful Spirit. I will not be moved or pushed around.


I went to bed this evening and I gave thanks that I have a pillow.

Blog written by:

Rita Edkins

African Blessings Missions Director