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Foundations for Farming at African Blessings

Foundations for Farming

By 8:00am on Thursday the 15th of September 2016, the last of the delegates had arrived at the African Blessings Farm for the Foundations for Farming training.

The morning started off with devotions, and then a dedicated time was allocated to “My Story”, where each attendee was able to introduce themselves and tell their story.

Teaching began shortly after where each attendee received an “In the Beginning” and Faithful Stewards” training manual.

The first sessions were on clarifying the “In the Beginning…”farming principles, followed by training on the “Faithful Stewards…” principles. After teaching, questions and answers were allowed, and afterwards the learners proceeded with the practical work.

The Foundations for Farming team presented simple, honest, fun and fruitful satires to share the message of charity. We have to mention that some of the staff in our team are aspiring for future ‘Oscar’ nominations. There were also visual displays and demonstrations on water conservation and animal care, which was well-received by the community.

The training ended on Saturday the 17th of September 2016, and each individual left with a working plan on how to sufficiently and sustainably farm vegetables in their community.

There were many conversations afterwards, and these are my personal favourites! One gentle voice whispered: I have been sitting in church for years – now I wonder why nobody ever told me these simple and life-changing truths. Another voice said – now I know why I must be involved in a church community and reach out. That was incredibly inspiring to me, and I feel that together we are able to change Africa one community at a time.

As I walked away from the training sessions, it once again struck me that there are many ways to farm. We can even farm the Creators way – but if Christ is not the foundation, we labour in vain.

What a wonderful outreach day it was, and we cannot wait for the next one.

Rita Edkins. Missions Director.