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Give me a chance

Community Critter Care

Please give me a chance.

From when I was a puppy, I was chained. Sometimes to a pole and sometimes to a tree

The only thing I knew was how to run in circles, my neck was always sore and most days I was hungry and thirsty.

One day something beautiful happened. Two faces looked down at me and I heard kind words; “You are such a handsome dog. Ssh, ssh, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you”. I got patted and stroked – it felt so good! I got a clean bowl full of delicious real dog food and a bowl of clean water. My dream had come true. Then they left.

For many days I looked out for them and one day I heard those voices. I got kindness, care, food and water. Then they left.

For many days I gazed towards the fence, if they didn’t come soon I would die.

One day they came. Before they left again, I looked deep into the eyes of the African Blessings Missionary. Would she read my words in them? She did. The other lady also bent down and she saw my deep, deep wounds. I heard them speak. “We can’t leave him here, we will have to take him with us, if we don’t he will die”.

It took a long time to take the chains off, it felt so good. I was picked up with kind hands and had a journey to a place I never knew could be true.

I saw other dogs, happy dogs, barking and jumping and rolling and they looked so free. That’s my dream. To be free.

I would do well with a single, more mature lady who will be patient, brush me, feed me, walk me and teach me. My Missionary friend says I’m very handsome. (I think so too now!)

My name is Ricoh, I’m now at Wet Nose. I’ve been sterilised now, so please give me a chance.