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An African Blessings Tribute to Kitty

Tribute to Kitty

On Monday, 14 March 2016 we said a very sad goodbye to our beautiful “Grande Dame”, Kitty. Kitty retired to African Blessings from a stable yard and life as a hard-working school pony and passed away on Monday afternoon. She has been an integral part of our beloved herd for many years and today we can already see that she is very much missed by her 4-legged friends, as she is by the humans that loved and cared for her.

Kitty was a Lady in every sense of the word – she was polite, gentle and dignified in all her ways and dealings with everyone she encountered, people and animals alike.

Kitty loved “bedtime” and was always the first one up the ramp and into the stables, happily tucking into her evening time bale of grass.

Kitty, we are blessed to have shared the time we have with you and we are all the better for having known you.

Thank you to our awesome team that takes such good care of our horses. A special word of thanks and support to Theresa who, as the primary caregiver for all our African Blessings animals and greater Community Critters, is at the heart of providing our animals with exceptional care and quality of life, but invariably is the one who bears the most heartbreak too.

RIP Kitty