Bass & Carp Angling

Private Bass and Specimen Carp angling at the beautiful Rustfontein dam at African Blessings, a well-kept secret for exclusive angling in Bronkhorstspruit, less than an hour away from Pretoria.

The one specimen carp angling dam at African Blessings allows the angler four uninterrupted swims and the peace and quiet to enjoy their angling experience. The specimen carp are of superior quality and they are fed with only the best African Blessings protein feed.

Specimen carp fishing in South Africa has come a long way from the days where fisherman used brown bread as bait. These days the quality and range of tackle, rods and reels are more sophisticated and the variety of specimen carp bait leaves the angler with an assortment of choices. Although the fishing hasn't gotten easier, it is still just as enjoyable as ever.

To beat the current specimen carp record of 16kg and WIN a free weekend at African Blessings the following needs to be done:

1. Take a photograph of the scale with the weight of the fish.
2. Have the fish that was caught in the weigh sling.
3. Take a picture of the fish that was caught.
4. Contact our supervisor at African Blessings to verify the physical attributes of your catch.

Download the Carp Care rules and regulations here.

Bass angling at African Blessings is a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience. There are three dams that allow excellent fishing for any bass enthusiast. Grown to be a popular sport that has anglers in constant pursuit of new tips, information and ofcourse a catch to brag about.

Bass fishing has grown into lucrative industry and a popular sport that has anglers in constant pursuit of new tips and information. Becoming a better bass fisherman and top angler is all about continuously improving your skills in the sport. The African Blessings Rustfontein farm is the perfect place for anglers to improve their techniques and skills, and have the best time doing it.

Admission times:
Arrival Time: 06:00am
Departure Time: 17:00pm
Bass/Carp Angling per angler per swim R150.00
Visitor (non-angler) per day R70.00
Children under 12 Free
Carp angling - limited to 4 swims per booking
Bass angling - limited to 30 anglers